Ballet slipper flats (バレエシューズ)



When the foot wants to feel comfort alone, the feminine ballet slipper flats just might do the trick. For starters, the soft part of the foot underneath fits nicely because of a memory foam cushioning or sheepskin, followed by enough space to accommodate the sides of the foot and the spread of the surface area just below the toes also underneath the foot. Once the foot is comfortable in a shoe like this, then consideration of style begins and we then have to deal with whether or not the default point toe design fits our idea. Japanese taste tend to enjoy ballerina flat shoes that have pointy or fit tops and a nice inner shoe lining that is able to make the foot feel good. Lightness of foot is also a good quality for the ballet flat to have since in many of these types of shoe designs, light and soft are qualities that are in combination. It’s all very easy to wear. If there is a case where the shoe cannot provide me with comfort because of basic factory cushioning, then the ballerina flats are perfect for handling the nylon sock that might be worn since they couldn’t be worn barefoot. In some of the shoes, we find that the toe area of the shoe conceals the lines of the toe creases completely, only showing the top of the foot, which comes in all sorts of dark, browns, cremes, and pale shades in Japan.

The ballet slipper flats are good for everyday activity and they’re great things to use when on a easy daily work routine that allows you to relax or be in a place where you have to walk frequently, like an office. The shape and design of a ballet flat shoe expresses that it isn’t about inactivity, but that it’s not exactly active either. Any active elements to a ballet shoe flat should be things that make us comfortable so that we don’t feel like we are working. They fit seasonal trends better than most pairs of shoes, and can cover most days of the year if worn with socks.

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