source: fashionwalker.com/brand/jeffreycampbell

Shoeii is about Japanese female foot fashion and style. You could think of it like a long explanation of the Japanese female’s foot fashion habits, tastes, and what might be considered popular or unpopular. Overall, it tries to highlight what Japanese female foot fashion is and what it could consist of over time. In Japan, many females tend to look towards foreign brands with interest rather than their own but one of the main ideas here is to gain a more native feel for the fashion. The idea of trendy is so popular and so deeply embedded within Japan that there have been cases where many people have mistaken a famous fashion brand for a Japanese one. For example, there were a pair of art deco heels that many people probably mistaken for a popular Japanese fashion, when in fact they belong to a brand that is nowhere near Japan. Actual Japanese fashion brands are different if compared and the people behind the brand prefer to work from a designer’s personal point of view rather than some guiding philosophy or historical perspective. The artist and designer of a Japanese brand has the tendency to point out things that matter to them within a certain East Asian framework, and that is what these writings lean towards. However, it’s important to keep an open mind when dealing with fashion tastes, because unlike school uniforms, people in Japan have their own style and favorites. Individual doesn’t need to be explicitly stated because it blocks us from explaining concepts and phenomenon that are much more exciting and diverse. In Japanese fashion it is better to look towards the pair, just like our shoes.